How can an adolescent member be raised at the age of 11-18?

Many parents wonder what their child's penis should look like during adolescence. There is nothing wrong with such curiosity, as each parent must control the development of the adolescent's sexual characteristics. They must develop harmoniously, correctly and in a timely manner. Sometimes penile development is impaired and adults have to deal with penis enlargement.

In this article we will talk about what penis size is considered to be the norm from a medical point of view for an adolescent and we will also talk about some techniques that allow you to enlarge your penis in adolescence without damaging the body.

When do you start resizing?

Hormonal changes in boys begin at a fairly early age - 11 or 12 years old. The most active growth of the genitals is observed during this period. Also at this age the sexual characteristics of boys are formed. In addition, boys under the age of 13:

  • Increases the size of the testicles, causing the scrotum to grow;
  • Light hair appears in public area and on face;
  • Changing the size of the genitals;
  • Extends the skin on the genitals.

It is very important that parents carefully observe these changes. This will help you to notice hormonal disorders related to poor production of testosterone - the main male hormone - in the future.

The formation of sexual characteristics depends on the level of testosterone. If their development is disrupted, then the adolescent will face serious problems in his sexual life in the future.

Standard dimensions

Before you think about enlarging the phallus during adolescence, you should get acquainted with the normal dimensions of the genitals.

Adults and Penis Enlargement

It is no secret that the width and length of the penis depends on the level of testosterone in the body of an adolescent and its inheritance. Therefore, it is logical that genital volume is different for different boys. However, despite being 14 years old and 17 years old, all sizes can be average. This will help you understand what length and thickness is the norm for boys at this age.

The average length of the phallus in adults is 13-14 cm, however, at the age of 16-17 it sometimes decreases by 1-2 cm due to the increase in body thickness. This process is natural and therefore you should not be surprised. Some parents are frightened by the fact that boys under the age of 15 practically do not change the length of their penis in an aroused state. Do not worry as this is normal. At this age the phallus elongation is activated in the erect state. This phenomenon is explained by the expansion of the cavernous bodies, which are responsible for the size of the body during arousal.

Sometimes during adolescence during puberty the penis not only changes size but also tilts. In most cases, this change is insignificant and therefore, in half of the boys the penis remains erect. Serious changes in shape are observed in only 3-5% of boys.

Adolescent penis and enlargement

How can a teenager increase his penis?

If it turns out that at the age of 18 the penis is smaller than average size, you will have to deal with its enlargement. There are different methods of penis lengthening in children. To choose the most effective method, you need to read each of them in detail.


An effective and time-tested technique - gelking - is often used to enhance the genitals of boys. For many decades exercise has been used by indigenous peoples of Africa and India to increase the size of the phallus. Jelqing consists of simple massage exercises designed to dilate blood vessels and regulate blood circulation.

A teenager dreams of increasing the size of his penis

In order for gelking to bring a positive result, you will need to follow the recommendations for its use and use a special moisturizing lubricant. Today, there are two main methods of prolonging the phallus.

Method one

Before enlarging the penis of a young man in this way it is necessary to warm the cavernous bodies to improve the elasticity of the skin of the body. The simplest method of heating is to use grain or salt. One such ingredient is re-heated in a pan and poured into a small cloth bag. Then it is put on the penis for half an hour and thus the body is warmed.

After complete warming of the genitals it goes to partial arousal. When the body is erect, it is lubricated and gently held at the foot. During the exercise, the hand gradually moves from the base of the body to its end. About 10 such movements are done in one session.

A finger condom is a symbol of adolescent penis enlargement

Method two

The second method is not used very often as it is less effective and does not allow the body to lengthen much. Using the technique, the penis is completely wrapped around the wrist. The body held in the hand is gradually raised to the left or right. In this case, you should not squeeze it hard so as not to accidentally damage the skin.

Doctors believe that regular use of this technique will increase the reproductive organ of schoolchildren by 1-2 cm.


The safest methods of prolongation that can be used at the age of fourteen or younger are creams, gels and ointments. There is still debate today about the effectiveness of such remedies. Many argue that such products do not lengthen the penis after prolonged use. However, for most boys, these tools still help to increase the volume of the phallus slightly.

The father teaches the child to shave and enlarge the penis

There are three types of drugs used to change measures:

  • Short-term - used before sexual intercourse because the penis grows in only 2-3 hours.
  • Long-lasting - After use, the effects last a lifetime and therefore they are used at any time.
  • Auxiliary - used in conjunction with more effective drugs.

Short-acting medications are not suitable for adults and that is why parents often buy long-acting supplements and medications. Thanks to them, blood circulation increases due to vasodilation.

Before using any of these remedies, it is recommended to consult a doctor so as not to harm the health of the adolescent.

Vacuum pump

Gels and gels do not always help to lengthen the baby's penis and because of this you should look for other methods of enlarging it. Often, special devices are used for this purpose.

Doctors consider vacuum pumps to be the most effective device. These devices are popular with older men because they help to get rid of impotence and restore male strength. Regular use of the pump lengthens the penis by increasing blood flow by 1-2 cm.

Before using a vacuum pump, you should get acquainted with the features of its use. First, the entire surface of the body is treated with a cream to moisturize dry skin. The phallus is then brought to a partially erect position and placed in a pump container. After placing the body in the cylinder, oxygen is expelled from it by means of a pump. Removing air increases pressure in the genitals and increases blood flow. It is possible to get an enlarged penis by improving blood circulation.

Do not use the pump for more than 15 minutes as this will damage the body vessels.


In young boys, a device such as an extender promotes genital enlargement. Such devices are considered universal as they are used not only to increase the volume of the penis but also to correct it. After 1-2 months of using the extender, the penis will become perfectly flat and grow by 2-3 cm.

The device stretches the phallus cells, dilates the cavernous bodies and blood vessels. This allows you to increase the dignity of men not only in length but also in width.

The teenager thinks about raising a rooster

Different models are produced that differ in fixing characteristics. To save money, some people buy loop type extensions. They are not suitable for inexperienced boys as they are quite difficult to use. It is better to pay a little more and buy a belt model.

The extender is applied daily for 30-50 minutes in a single approach. Do not wear it anymore as it will damage the tissues of the penis. The total carrying time of the device should not exceed four hours per day. This mode is considered optimal for the penis to start growing by a few centimeters.


Some boys have been thinking about genital enlargement for years because their parents did not follow it into adolescence. In order for boys not to have a small penis problem in the future, it is recommended to enlarge it at the age of seventeen or eighteen. The most effective methods of phallus extension are used for this.